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Orioles Fanfest 2011. And then some.

Orioles Fanfest 2011 was a BLAST.  To explain why this entry is so long, I’ll
just say this.  For an event scheduled
from 10 AM – 6 PM, we (Zevi and I) left my apartment at about 6:20 in the
morning and got back around 9 PM or so. 
It was one hell of a day.


And the reason it took me so long to post this.  Not only did editing the photos, sorting
through things, and writing this up take a while, but I have been dealing with
flu symptoms for over two weeks now, and the persistent migraines are just
killing me.  But, luckily getting over
that nonsense, and on to better things.


So, as I said, we left at 6:20.  My place is about a half hour walk from the
Convention Center, but we took the light rail down (about a 10 minute ride) to
avoid sketchy street corners (the sun hadn’t come out yet).  Stopped at Dunkin Donuts for a bite (knew we
wouldn’t really be eating all day) and got to Fanfest by 7.  So what if we were front of the line.  Romeo (top O’s fan you’ll ever meet) was
holding that spot since 5:30, so we joined him.

Starting at the top left going clockwise: Us standing front of the line, Zevi eating, me, Zevi, Stan, Romeo, and the look behind us with no line just yet


We sat there.  And
stood up.  And walked around.  It was a long, yet entertaining, 3
hours.  Met lots of people.  Stan joined us (another great fan),
eventually our friends Tim and Ben came along (and Tim’s GF and some other
guy).  We heard a lot of comments on the
fact that I was wearing shorts and it was about 20 degrees outside.  Who cares. 
Friend Nick came by to get some tickets from us for him and his
beautiful family.  Brittany came up to… I
actually don’t know why, since she didn’t go in with us (I don’t think).  I don’t remember.  Todd eventually came around 9:30ish and
hopped in line with us.  I saw Dan
Connolly walk by as well.  Not the
Patriots lineman.  We know lotsa people,
and that’s barely it.

The Sun came by with a camera to interview Romeo, but Zevi,
Stan, and I hopped in.  They didn’t
include it in their Fanfest video on the website.  I WONDER WHY. *who’s your favorite Orioles


10. O. Clock.  Let’s
go.  We headed in.  Outside, they had passed out pamphlets with a
map of the setup inside along with other details.



Woohoo.  We were
in.  Oh, note: the first 250 people in
line got a voucher for a free autograph session with Al Bumbry, Brad Bergesen,
Mark Reynolds, and Brendan Harris.  If
you don’t know already, the Orioles charged $15 per table otherwise this year
(for “charity”), so this was a big deal (well, to most people).  After we got the voucher outside, we knew we
could run up to the memorabilia room first upon entrance then go to the line
soon after.  Buck Showalter and Andy
MacPhail spoke for season ticket holders as well at 10:10 (oh yeah, season
ticket holders got in at 10, general public at 11), but we knew everything they
are going to say.  Nothing a logical
intelligent fan doesn’t know already.

Same deal with this photo: Standing in line for the autos, Buck and Andy in their first forum, the table with Harris, Reynolds, Bergy, and Bumby, Tim waiting in line (black jacket with “O’s” on sleeve):



So we went to the memorabilia room.  I got a hat. 
They had tons of game used stuff there: jerseys, hats, pants, jackets,
bats, baseballs, photos, and more.  Will
share that pic later.  People got
lots.  Zevi got Ronnie Deck’s BP
jersey.  Brittany got some washed up
reliever’s shirt I assume, as always.


The rest of the day was a blur. SO MUCH HAPPENED.  The basic summary of the day was: we ran
around and did a lot.  I don’t know the
order of everything, so I’m just doing the rest of this in bullet point form.  It’s HOPEFULLY in order, but a few things may
be scattered.  Don’t yell at me.


-The line for the autos we got for free was only a hundred
people or so once we got there, and it took only a short amount of time to get
in.  I got Bumbry on one of his cards
(already have him on a ball, plus a few of his cards) along with Bergesen (same
deal).  Got Reynolds on a ball (he didn’t
have cards) and Harris on a ball and his card. 
Below are (starting top left, go clockwise): Brad Bergesen card, Mark
Reynolds baseball, Brendan Harris baseball, Brendan Harris card.


Al Bumbry’s card is on a 4 part photo at the end, just threw
it in there.


-There was a line for promotional items.  They were giving away the mini bobbleheads
from last year (when they did the trio of connecting outfielders (Reimold,
Jones, Markakis)), dugout club lunch boxes, Wieters backpacks… Basically, all
of the leftover giveaways.  The line was
at least 300 people at all times throughout the day, so I didn’t wait in it,
especially when I already have all of those items.  Well, I lie. 
I waited in it once when Stan had a spot towards the front, so I joined
him and grabbed a lunch box and a few bobbleheads.  Later, we got more.  That’s another bullet.


-Without the ability to hop in and out of different
autograph lines all day, we had to learn more of the map and the other things
to do.  For example, we went up to the
top floor (where the memorabilia room and more was) and played bingo.  They were giving out prizes for winners, and
hell, we were tired.  So, Zevi, Todd, and
I sat down and played some bingo.  Dave
joined in a few minutes after.  They
brought old guys like Dick Hall and Scott McGregor up at times to guest-call
the numbers.  We didn’t win any.  It was rigged, for sure.

Photo: my collection of bingo cards, Zevi playing bingo, 2 shots of Dick Hall guest-calling bingo



-We met up with Brittany and others at the Starbucks in the
Center, and after I randomly ran off somewhere (I don’t remember), I met up
with them, and we trekked over to Oriole Park. 
As part of Fanfest, fans could take self-guided tours of Oriole Park for
free (funny, because they didn’t check tickets at the door, so technically
anybody could show up at Oriole Park and tour for free).  Best part about it was it included clubhouse
and such, parts not included on the tours during the season.  Though it didn’t include club level and press
box and other spots, I’m okay, since I go to those spots during the
season.  Since it was an open house type
atmosphere, there were only Orioles reps set up throughout the tour to point
you in the right direction under the tunnels and all, but nobody leading
us.  That meant we could go at our own
pace, which would be of course slow to take everything in.  We went all around and absorbed it all.  Pictures will be in another post.  There are a ton.  They are awesome.


-All day, they had forums where fans could listen in and
then ask questions.  There were forums
with coaches, media, bloggers, and players. 
And then sorted into groups of players.  One of the only two forums we listened to was one later in the day with the
outfielders (Reimold, Scott, Jones, Markakis, and Pie wasn’t there (hopefully
busy producing 18 Cent)).  It was awesome
hearing them.  Nick actually showed
Markakis that day (he’s not on my top list, kind of annoys me as some people
know).  Jonesy was hilarious as usual
(somebody asked what city he hates the most, and he said “Toronto.  I hate Toronto.  Everything about it.” Most likely in
reference to the whole border ideal last season, but who knows.  Someone brought Twitter up as well.  All in all, he was awesome.).  Luke had a cool beard, and smiled.  Reimold was depressed.  Who knows with him.

Photo: top 2 are of the outfielders talking, bottom is the crowd for that forum:


-There was a photo line upstairs where you could pose with
the player there, they would take your picture, and then print it for
free.  Pretty cool.  Too bad I was too stupid to take advantage of
it.  Though when Brittany texted me
telling me Markakis was the player up there, I ran up with Dave, we got in
line, Zevi joined quickly after, and… when there was only one family left in
front of us, Nick left.  And they said no
more players were coming.  Well, that
sucked.  And I complained.  Harassed the guy for a good 5 minutes.  Submitted my official complaint.  Not for me, but the kid in the family in
front of us started crying when Nick left, and it looked so sad, so we yelled
out for Nick to take one more with the kid, even if not us.  We felt really bad.  The time the guy spent arguing with me, Nick
could have posed with the kid and gone. 
But no.  I hope that kid met Nick
at some point.  We really tried for him.


-After that photo line stint, Brady Anderson was randomly
signing at this random jersey sales booth. 
So, we dove in line there.

Photo: in line waiting for Brady, Brady signing, Zevi with Brady, me with Brady:


-We heard a rumor that the used BP jerseys were on sale (amongst other things), so we ran back, and I bought Alan Dunn’s.  Picture later.


-At this time, I was ready to finally sit down after all of
this, so we headed back downstairs because I wanted to get to the bloggers
forum in time.  More on that in a
second.  When we got downstairs, the
forum before the bloggers was still going on, and what else did we see?  The free promos line was practically
empty.  So, we headed over, ran through
the line, and grabbed a few Nick Markakis mini bobbleheads.  Noticing that a) there was nobody left in
line and b) people were grabbing a ton and the Orioles didn’t seem to care
since nobody was in line, we grabbed two tall empty boxes, and went at it.  As I grabbed bobbleheads, Zevi stacked them
in the boxes.  We left, after the filling,
with a good 35-40 bobbleheads in hand.


-We headed over to the forum now.  The seating area was half empty by this time
(about 5:00).  We met up with Brittany
and her crew of bullpen-obsessive friends, and distributed bobbleheads to all
of them.  Giving a few away to some other
friends and random people, we still ended up with about 30 in the end.  As the forum ended, Jim Hunter got on stage
and said he was giving away an Orioles hoodie for the person who answered his
trivia question (supposedly, he had been giving one away between each forum
throughout the day).  He then asked, “In
what year did new Orioles reliever Jeremy Accardo lead the Toronto Blue Jays in
saves?” and I jumped up and shouted “HERE!”. 
He turned and pointed to me.  I
yelled out “2007!” and he confirmed that I was correct.  So, I got a hoodie.  Pretty sweet.

-For the last event of Fanfest, and one I was looking
forward to, was the bloggers forum.  I am
a writer for Baltimore Sports Report, and our staff was being represented on
the lineup by writer Jeff Pilson, so that was exciting.  It was also nice to hear the views of the
bloggers, who are not affiliated with the Orioles officially, so they can be
brutally honest with negativity if they so please.

Photo: video board showing the forum title, Jeff Pilson of BSR talking, the line of bloggers on stage (in the wrong order: Chris Stoner from Batimore Sports and Life, Daniel Moroz from Camden Crazies, Neal Shaffer from The Loss Column, James Baker from Orioles Post, Stacey Long from Camden Chat, and Pete Kerzel from MASN Sports), bloggers leaving:


-And that was it.  Day.  Over.  And the center emptied out.


-Did I mention that we got back around 9?  Oh yeah, after Fanfest, and a hike to the
parking lot and some funny happenings (long story), we ended up at the
Baltimore Blast game.  Since our friend
runs the scoreboard, we were able to leave all of our bags and boxes of stuff
with him behind the scenes, and we enjoyed the game from the front row seats we



We only stayed for the 1st half.  I was dying (4 hours of sleep) and we still
had to carry all the stuff back up to my apartment.  So, with the Blast up like 9 or 10, we headed
out (they ended up winning by 1).


We made it back, Zevi got picked up and went home, and I


And that’s it.  The
day was over.  We brought everything
back, Zevi went home, and I crashed.


Spectacular day.


Here’s the stuff:

Bergy signed card, Reynolds signed baseball, Harris signed baseball, Harris signed card:


Brady Anderson signed card, Brady signed ball, 2 pics of the new Cal baseballs I bought (the ones with orange stitching):



Alan Dunn game used jersey (front and back), Ronnie Deck game used hat (inside and front):


Lanyard from MASN (for some picture thing), 2 of the Dugout Club lunch boxes, the bobbleheads, Orioles 2010 Yearbook:


Al Bumbry signed card, raffle voucher tickets for Family Feud (don’t wanna talk about it), a stack of O’s logo and team schedule magnets, 2011 pocket schedules:


Oh, and a recurring theme throughout the day was people
saying “hey, I’m @soandso from Twitter!”. 
It was funny.  Most likely
recognized me because I told people I’d be wearing the ridiculous outfit of my
Hawaiian O’s shirt, O’s shorts (in Winter), and O’s Santa hat.  So, it was cool meeting:


@nickneagle and @natashaneagle, who came to me pre-event for
tickets.  Glad to know that people use me
even when it is the first time meeting them😀 Beautiful family.

@oriolefan0321, who I met upstairs by the photo thing, and
asked me where something was after introducing himself.  I don’t really remember.

@joepappa, who introduced himself to me in the tunnel
underground at OPACY.  Very cool
dude.  He is the first guy in this video
on MASN.

@johnson652 and @trueblue4163 who decided to tweet about me
but not say hello. Sadface.



And I hope to see y’all more this season at some games.


The Pro Bowl was the next day.  Woohoo.


And since then, it has been a dull life of classes and
sickness for me.  That’s about it.


Expect more posts this week and after on some good
stuff.  I have ideas.  I have stuff ready to put together, but couldn’t post it since this was priority.  So look for a lot.  This one only took a while because of
sickness, plus it’s gargantuan length.


Twitter.  Follow these
people.  If I didn’t already plug them in
the article, that is:


Zevi. @magicon33rd

Romeo. @romeobaltimore

Stan. @b_morefanatic

Brittany. @beatlefnatic

Todd. @seemsuncertain

Dave. @flavadave10

Tim. @sportsnickeltim




Since I took so long to get this out, in the mean time,
Opening Day tickets arrived that I ordered. 
Very exciting:



Since then, Spring Training has begun.  Pitchers and catchers reported.  Catch all of your Orioles news at and

Speaking of which, I did a review of Fanfest on BSR.  Check that out.

Lots of links to plug, but will do that in another post.

And I leave you with this:



And remember to follow ME on Twitter!

Fanfest Plans. Who wants in?

Two more links to plug.  One about the ticket prices going up at Oriole Park and the other concerning the new rumor about the Orioles “inside track” to signing Vladimir Guerrero.

Fanfest is a week from tomorrow morning.  My plans are almost set for the day.

I am finishing moving into my new apartment over the next few days.

Nothing major else to report.  My plans for Fanfest are as follows:

Get to Convention Center around 7-8 AM.  Chill there until opening at 10 AM.  Stay until they kick me out around 6:30 PM.  And LOTS in between.

If you’re going, let me know.  Tweet @ me (@2131andBeyond), comment here, or anything else, really.  Would love to meet up with as many people as I can.  I’ll be the crazy one wearing an Orioles Hawaiian type shirt and Santa hat.

Last story: I put $1.60 in the light rail ticket machine this morning to get to work.  It dispensed a ticket and $1.55 in change.  I win.

Shameless Plug. The first of many.

With all of the excess writing that I do between work and for the hell of it, I will often post on here different links to things I have done.  Yesterday’s post included an article I did on, and today’s is on

Check it out: Albert Pujols to… Baltimore?! now on

Eventually, I will add a widget on the sidebar here with mucho links.  That’s a project for the months of February and March, Fanfest to Opening Day, or what I like to call: ICAN’TWAITANYLONGERFORBASEBALL.  Fanfest is like a teaser.  It’s the baseball Gods taunting us for a day, then telling us we have to wait another two months.  Damn.

Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness: MLB Style

Only two and a half more weeks until Orioles Fanfest.  Woot. 
Talking with a whole lot of people about all kinds of ideas, including
wearing sweater vests, winning a trip to Florida, shouting at Buck Showalter,
but for the most part, how to get everything out of the event as possible.  With the new $15 per table autograph policy,
there will definitely be some changes to my attack plan, but none the less,
lots to do and people to see.


In other news, I got an awesome package in the mail a few days ago.  It contained two items, both the same,
awesome piece.


A little background on this whole story:


At the end of last baseball season, on the day of the last
game of Orioles Fan Appreciation Weekend, Orioles bullpen catcher Ronnie Deck
(who I will be talking about a LOT on here) handed Zevi a glove-ful of
memorabilia.  Being literal here.  After the game, they had a nice talk to end
the year (I was already at school in Ohio, and had said my goodbyes the month


and Ronnie handed Zevi one of his catching mitts, filled with other


Inside of it were two of his
gloves (the ones catchers wear inside their mitts, kind of like batting gloves)
and also two pair of wristbands.  Each
pair were his game used wristbands from both Father’s Day (blue ones supporting
prostate cancer awareness and research) and Mother’s Day (pink ones supporting
breast cancer awareness and research). 
Here is what they look like, if you don’t remember from when players
wore them (this is a general picture from the internet, not of his, which are dirty
and beat up):



So Zevi and I each have possession of one of each of these
wristbands now:


Then I got an idea.  How great would it be to have new ones of
these for myself to wear (considering I did not want to wear his game used
ones).  So, I did what all modern day
shoppers do: I searched Ebay.  Why?  Because these items were not for sale from
MLB; they were an exclusive apparel piece only available to players.  Here’s what I found (feel free to click to enlarge):


Screen shot 2011-01-11 at 1.02.20 PM.png

One entry.  And it was


I contacted the guy, made him an offer for him to close the
auction and to sell me the wristbands as a ‘buy it now’ type of thing, and
hoped for a positive reply.  The day
after, he messaged me back accepting my offer, and here we are today:



I will say this.  On
the listing, he notes that they are from a player who wanted to stay unknown,
but when I asked him, he told me that they belonged to Pedro Alvarez.  Cool. 
Is that true?  Are they
authentic?  Honestly, I don’t care.  They could be straight from the factory for
all I know, and I’d still be happy.


So, look for me to have this on throughout the 2011 season
and more.

Oh, and sign this petition in regards to my plea to the Orioles to let fans into the park earlier so that we can see the Orioles take batting practice and not just the away team:


Update. 2011 Season Plans. Much. Much. More.

What is UP?!

Got lots to share.  Can’t WAIT for the 2011 season.  This post is a kick start to the 2011 blogging season, where I will be sharing not only game by game posts about the best fans and experiences at Oriole Park, but some bits and pieces of insider info on the Orioles and things around baseball.

So.  Here are the notes:

-I still co-run  Check that site out.  We have a new design, some great articles, a growing staff, and most importantly, growing forums.  Feel free to sign in to those and participate, they should be in full swing by April.

-I also still write for  So check THAT site out as well.  Great staff there.  Great articles covering all Baltimore area sports, especially your Ravens (blech).  My latest bit on there was an Orioles roster breakdown, so check that out.  I will do a piece sometime before Spring Training starts on here about my thoughts on the O’s roster.

-ORIOLES FANFEST IS SATURDAY, JANUARY 29TH. BE THERE.  Doors open at 11 AM for the general public and 10 AM for season ticket holders (who get first dibs on an autograph session, so it turns out).  Tickets are on sale on the Orioles website.  I will be there in full glory of this Orioles epic shirt and my O’s Santa hat.  While they are charging for autos this year (read more about it here), it should still be a great time.  What the O’s don’t go into detail about are the sales.  There is usually a main area of memorabilia sales, with jerseys, uniform pieces, baseballs, signed stuff, and the best: all of the banners and such from Oriole Park and around the city from the 2010 season.  ALL for cheap. Jerseys (BP) were about $50 last year (all gameworn) with tons of stuff ranging from $10 to probably upwards of triple digits (for signed stuff). And trust me, as a guy who has barely any money and hesitates to spend in the first place, there is a LOT of good stuff there for even myself.

-Season tickets. If you’re gonna be an O’s season ticket holder, get on it.  I’m a 29 game holder, though I plan on about 50-60 home games this coming season.  It’s totally worth it to have.  If you want reasons, I’ll give you lots.  Just hit me up.

-Roadtrips.  Planning on some trips for this season.  So far, in my 3 years as a TRUE fan (not just a Baltimoron who knows the O’s exist), I’ve upped my game each year.  So 2011 brings me to other cities.  Planning on (if all goes well): Toronto, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and DC.  No Spring Training this year, mainly because that would cost double what the other trips cost, and frankly, I’m gonna be really busy anyways until the season starts.  But if anybody wants to sponsor me going, I’d be glad to show you how to maneuver around the ballpark down there for the best experience.

-Fundraisers.  2011 brings back another year where we all can help others.  There is Zack Hample’s annual collection (which I am a proud supporter of), Romeo’s SPCA fundraisers (which I will be putting more information up on here very soon about), and soon to come are some fundraisers from me and Zevi (if you don’t know him, well, he’s my partner in crime).  More info to come.

-My status: Many people knew I was at The University of Akron this past Fall.  Well, I’m not anymore.  Had some great experiences there, but the program needs I have were not where they needed to be, so I needed a switch.  I will be at school locally in Baltimore for the upcoming Spring, and have NO idea where I will be in the Fall.  I do some random work for different jobs, and along with the Orioles/sports writing, I am an intern with a Baltimore based magazine as well.  Lots to keep me busy.

-Oriole Park.  I have been down there 4 times since the end of last season, so it’s been fun to see some of the progression of how the new seats have come into place.  They replaced ALL of the seats in the LF lower box, all the upper deck, and all of the club level.  Oh yeah, the Eutaw St. bleachers as well. Total seat count cut by a few thousand, but it will hopefully be worth it.  Will share some pictures soon.  Some fun stuff to see.

-MLS Draft.  Yeah, I went there.  This THURSDAY, JANUARY 13TH, at the Convention Center downtown is the MLS SuperDraft.  It starts around noon I believe.  I think it’s open to the public, if I’m not mistaken.  I will be there.  Akron won the College Cup this year (NCAA D1 soccer championship (beating schools like Cal, Michigan, and Louisville) and 7 of the Zips are expected to be drafted, many in the first round, if not top 10.  I’ll maybe do an entry on that after the draft, but who knows.  If you’re curious about college soccer or the Zips, I’d be glad to chat.  Their star midfielder’s name is Anthony Ampaipitakwong. Darlington Nagbe, another midfielder/attacker, won college soccer’s MVP award (Hermann Award).  That’s all you need to know.

-Oriole Park.  Gate times.  BP times.  Talking with people, it’s obvious that ballhawks and other fans would love to get into Oriole Park earlier to see more of the O’s hit, especially more than the usually depressing 4th group hit, unless it randomly contains Adam Jones (which it did on many occasions last year).  Well, there is news to come on that.  Things may change a bit, and I will let you know as soon as I do.  Had started a petition about it, but may not be using it anymore if the O’s will be helpful on their own (which may be happening).  Stay tuned.

Expect more soon.  I have different updates of all sorts to put out there, so will be on that.

Oh yeah, and Ronnie Deck is returning as Orioles bullpen catcher. That’s why you should support the 2011 Orioles.




Will be posting there from now on, with so much more to come than what I ever got to on this blog.  Thanks for following and keep checking there for more great stuff!!!

Emotions Flying High in The Bronx

Today has been an emotional day.  Didn’t sleep much after working on my website
a lot last night.  Today, came home from
working to watch the 1 o clock O’s game, only to find out a bunch of things.  The umps are being paid off, every single Yankee
hitter takes steroids, and word is th
at (reported/speculated by The Sun and Brittany Ghiroli of Trembley managed his last game today most likely.


The recurring happening of today was
home plate umpire Mike DiMuro giving the Orioles the worst calls in the world
while expanding CC Sabathia’s strike zone to be almost as wide as the Yankee ace


Bottom of the 1st,
Millwood issued a walk right away to Jeter. 
Swisher followed that up with a single. 
Jeter proceeded to steal 3rd, realizing that Millwood was not
consistently checking back to 2nd to see him there.  Tatum made the throw to 3rd to try
and pick off Jeter, but with the perfectly located throw for the tag, Tejada
overran the bag after catching the ball running in to get it and just kept
going.  Stellar defense, right?  Then, the first obvious bad call on the day came
when Millwood went into his windup to throw and his spike got stuck in the
dirt, so he proceeded to stumble forward, still releasing the ball towards home
plate.  2nd base umpire Jim Reynolds
came in a bit delayed with a balk call. 
C’mon man.  The inning ended after
Teixeira struck out, A-roids hit a fly ball (advancing Swisher to 3rd),
Cano hit a double over Jones head is left center, and Posada finally struck out
to end the inning


The top of the 2nd really
started the frustrations with DiMuro. 
While Millwood usually gets high in the zone fastball strikes, but wasn’t
getting anything today, Sabathia came out throwing pitches even more out of the
zone and being called for strikes.  With a
full count, a pitch low and inside (almost hit the dirt) passed Ty
Wigginton.  He tossed his bat back and started
jogging to 1st before hearing the strikeout call, and walked even farther,
being outright about his opinion of the strike being called on a pitch almost
in the dirt by his feet.


Bottom of the 2nd came,
where Cervelli drew a 4-pitch walk off of Millwood.  2 of the 4 pitches would be strikes to most
umps.  Millwood, knowing how to deal with
this in a better way than just argue, started using lots of offspeed stuff against
the next guys, getting a strikeout against Gardner and eventually out of the
inning with no earned runs.


The last note I have on the day is
that Jones hit a homerun to left field on a Sabathia pitch low and in.


After that, the same crap
continued with the umps.  Today was the
first day I was actually P.O. with an Orioles game.  Been put down before, but not like this.  Took my attention away even more when news
broke about Trembley losing his job soon, so note taking was becoming a lost cause.


With a 6-1 deficit, Wigginton got
only the 2nd hit off of Sabathia on the day in the 7th besides Jones’
HR earlier, followed up by a Luke Scott bomb to the upper deck in right field.


Markakis lost his “hitting streak”
(wasn’t even 10 games so I don’t know if I consider it to be a streak).  Not one Oriole struck out more than
once.  Instead, 7 individuals struck out
once each.  At least we didn’t have a
horrendous day with RISP since we didn’t have men on 2nd and 3rd
to even get the chance to blow chances.


Millwood had a bad day for him,
not just because he didn’t get a win. 
Moving to 0-6 on the year, he only got through 5.2 innings on 115
pitches (only 67 for strikes).  He gave
up 6 runs on 10 hits (including 2 HRs) with a 5:4 K:BB ratio.  Berken came in to finish the 6th and
went through the 7th, only allowing a hit and recording a strikeout.  Ohman barely got through the 8th, allowing
a hit and walk, but went back to his old ways of allowing no runs.  For the 6th game in a row, we didn’t
need to pitch in the bottom of the 9th.


This all compared to Sabathia, who
finished with 7 IP.  He let up only 3
hits, but with 2 of them being home runs, allowed 3 runs on the day with a 7:1
K:BB ratio (Atkins drew that walk!).  Joba
threw a perfect 8th, and Mariano finished it with an adventurous 9th.  Jones, of course, being so clutch once again;
struck out with men on 2nd and 3rd.


I had a lot of this written up by
the middle of the 8th, and by the middle of the 9th, had
finished most of it.  When we got two men
on, I was getting really excited about the chance to rewrite it all.  I should know better than to always get my
hopes up to just let myself down every damn time.


Game over.  3-6 loss. 
8 game losing streak coming into a 9 game homestand against the Red Sox,
Yankees, and Mets, and minus Trembley most likely.  You know there
are issues when you get score 8 runs in a 6 game roadtrip, and also allow Brett Gardner to hit a home run.


Very down day.  Not too much to say.  Will be doing a post tomorrow definitely on
Millwood and Wigginton and some bits all about them.


Will post about Trembley either
tonight or tomorrow hopefully.  Website
is coming up soon, domain was purchased ( and will be worked
on a lot now.  I will be at the first 2
Red Sox games, then a trip to college for a program there for a few days, the last
Yankee game at home, and the whole Mets series. 
Will try to post between it all, but will be difficult.  Be excited for the new site!  Will have tons of posts, new sections (like
High Socks Watch), and even contests for Orioles stuff and autographs once I
get enough followers.


Good day/night to all.


O yea, Tejada made a huge diving
grab in the bottom of the 8th that Teixeira hit down the line with
men on 1st and 2nd. 
He got the out at 2nd and saved a run or two from
scoring.  Whoopee.  So he kept the deficit at 3 so that Mariano could
get the save, I guess.

Gonna Stay Quiet… for now at least

Tons of rumors going around about today’s game.  No, not about if the Orioles could pull off a miracle win against CC in New York, but about the manager position.  People saying today could be Trembley’s last game.

I have made it clear that I support him, but with the few issues this season, it may just be worth it to change the spot up for the sake of shutting fan’s up about it since he is obviously not the future here.  The O’s play at 1 today, then make the trip home for the Red Sox tomorrow night at Camden Yards.  Today being an afternoon game would give a new manager time to meet the team (if needed), or if it is someone like Datz or Samuel, get to talk with the guys and establish things like plans and all.

Not gonna say much now.  Will update after the game.  Will still be writing about Wigginton and all that I said I would in the past entry.

Update: I purchased the website, and am working with Jordan of to make it happen.

No Title Necessary

Tonight the Orioles lost to the Yankees 1-9.


I’ve got to say, if Buster Olney and Peter *******’s speculations
are true about Trembley and his job, at least the man is going out in class.  Last night, the entire game was decided by
the players, no decisions by the manager. 
Tonight, again, the O’s lost because they didn’t play a winning game,
not because of a bad decision.


Where the game ended for me was somewhere around the 5th
inning or so, when I got the message that there was a perfect game through 8
innings being shown on MLB Network.  I
flipped to that game, knowing that the Orioles had lost it.  I’m not one to switch off the Orioles games,
but this was worth it to me, after seeing every game so far this season and
knowing with 99% confidence that the outcome would not be changing in terms of
the win or loss.  I do plan on doing a
post tomorrow about the “perfect” game, relating it back to the Orioles actually.


Not much commentary on individual players tonight.  Just disgusted.


Bergesen was flat-out awful tonight.  In the shortest outing of his career, he
threw 2.1 innings, allowing 6 earned runs on 7 hits with a 1:2 K:BB.  With Arietta waiting in Norfolk with his
incredible, *consistent* stats, I don’t see why he doesn’t replace Bergesen in
the rotation as soon as next Tuesday’s start.


Tejada got some hits. 
He also bobbled a short ground ball early in the game.  Failing once again to bare-hand a ball, he
proved to me why I was right in disagreeing with people who have been saying he
has made an outstanding transition to 3B this year.


Albers came in and let up runs, while Hendrickson first held
off the Yankees with a few solid innings. 
The Mata came in and got lit up by the Yankees bench.


Wigginton got called on a sort of half swing early in the game,
and continued to argue the call until he got back to the dugout, where Trembley
rightly pulled him in.  While some say
Trembley needed to go out and argue, he knew the right decision to make was to
stay.  While he did yell out some words
for 1B ump Mike DiMuro, Trembley knew that, with a view from the back of
Wigginton’s back (being a right handed hitter), it would be foolish to argue
the call.


Bringing Wigginton up helps me raise my main point of these
last two games.  Not only do I believe it
is all on the team for these last two losses, but they have been flat-out
foolish.  For the first time ever, I see
the Orioles as a joke.


Let’s go over why:


In the 9th inning last night, Wigginton grounded
out to shallow 1st.  With the
ball in hand on the base line, Juan Miranda (sent down tonight to let Posada be
activated) ran over to Wigginton, who proceeded to back pedal.  Yes; Wigginton attempted to back pedal towards
home plate.  Mariano Rivera chuckled, and
he knew that at this point, the Orioles were just a joke too.  This after Wigginton fell on his butt during
the harsh play a few innings earlier.


Tonight, Corey Patterson made a fool of himself.  Chasing down a fly ball, he ripped his pants,
and wore them for the rest of the game. 
Not so important.


The worst: In the 8th, A-rod and Jeter were both
taken out.  One, that shows that Girardi
is confident enough in the Orioles bats failing.  Two, we got a single, double, and a walk, but
did not score.  Tejada singled, Markakis
doubled (Tejada thrown out at home), Wieters walked, then there were two
popouts.  Bottom of the 8th, Gardner
and Pena singled off of Mata, and Swisher singled in a run.  We let Ramiro Pena and Brett Gardner hit off


Jones may have aggravated his hip on a beautiful running catch
in center on a Granderson routine double. 
He then made the catch of a popfly from Cervelli.  Hope he’s okay.  Not that it has anything to do with the Orioles
chances at success.



In other news, Millwood was quoted by sources today saying
he would be okay with pitching for the Mets. 
Glad to know our guys hate it here. 
I would too if I were them. 
Supposedly, Wigginton said he would do it too (play, not pitch).  I bet we are stupid enough to trade them for
Justin Turner.


Not so exciting tonight. 
In a horrible mood.  This SUCKS.

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Problems Without Solutions

I can’t say that the Orioles blew a lead last night like they did last week against the A’s, and I can’t even say they blew the game.  Here is the issue.

With Jeter on 3rd, Swisher on 2nd, Matusz’ pitch count at 108, and Hernandez being the righty and fully ready to come out of the ‘pen, Trembley made the 100% correct decision in making the pitching change.  In terms of Trembley, he put the best lineup and set of guys out there provided to him.  Everybody seems to finally be catching onto the whole MacPhail issue now, when I have been saying all along how 90% of our losses are because of the roster Andy handed to Trembles on Opening Day.  As for this in game situation, Hernandez came in and did his job.  He induced a ground ball with 2 outs from one of the top clutch hitters in baseball in the last decade (clutch hitters: see Andre Ethier). Props to Hernandez in his 2nd relief appearance getting the job done again.  He has quality stuff in the short inning game, which is why the move to the bullpen fits him perfectly.  Well, the ball went to Tejada, arguably the O’s strongest infielder.  What happened after that was just a breakdown of this season so far, with Tejada’s across the field throw hitting early in the dirt and to the right of Wigginton, causing him to fall on his butt and make the Baltimore franchise look silly.  Here is the second by second picture collage of this event:


I can’t even think that with that even if that play was made properly (see: fundamental baseball) that we would have won the game, but it would have given us a chance.  Yes, may sound foolish thinking that, but it’s still more of a chance than without the throw and catch being made.

To read more about the game, Brittany Ghiroli provides insight here, and you can check out the box score and game recap from Yahoo here.  Not in my best interest to go through it all without using obscenities.

What is hitting me finally is the infield problems.  Why is Tejada at 3B?  Why was Atkins acquired to play 1B?  I get it.  It’s so that Izzy can stick around and have another .250 season while giving us a decent glove at what some may call the most important infield position, or even the leader of the team on defense.  Well, he was a gold glover, yes.  But that was 6 years ago.  You can give me all the graphs and stats you want to show that he is still a top defensive SS, but I really don’t care.  He make small mistakes, and provides no leadership or offense to the club.  He is hitting .222, lower than his career average surprisingly.  Why is it that we don’t look at shortstop.  I rant on about this all the time, and I have since January when I first noticed it, but why was our priority in free agency this past off season the corner infielders?  To give time to the guys in AAA so they will be ready for next season to be in the bigs?

Tejada should have been signed as our SS.  Atkins, giving him the benefit of the doubt pre-season, should have been signed as our 3B.  Izturis could either be utility or just not make the roster, I don’t care.  I have never seen too much in him besides a useless 9 slot shortstop.  Aubrey is perfectly capable of coming up to play 1B, and there’s this feeling somewhere that Moore could do it too (not sure if he left his bat bag in Norfolk or what).  Either way, the mishaps of this club come down to positions.  Not one guy besides Izzy was in their right spot.  Tejada should be SS, Lugo is SS (not 2B), and Wigginton isn’t really much of a glove anywhere besides a utility role (as opposed to 1B).  I know the bats are different, but maybe this year would be easier on the team if we wouldn’t jumble them around the diamond, and instead let them gel together in their natural spots to be able to spend more time out there swinging the bats.  That, my friends, is a problem totally put onto us by Andy MacPhail.

On a side note:

Win 2 tickets to the O’s vs. Mets game on June 11th from Baltimore Sports Report!  I have mentioned the site before on here, and they are an up and coming blogosphere heaven for Baltimore sports fans, providing interesting takes on all things sports in this town.  Check out this link where you can submit your entry into their contest and hopefully be picked to win 2 tickets to the game!  Be sure to also check out the rest of their site for daily articles with all access info like interviews and guest bloggers all the time.  Heck, I even write a piece or two for the site each week!

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