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Orioles vs. Rangers 4/10/11 (Personal Toss-Up Record)

If you’re here to read about the whole Jose Valverde
spitting incident, check out that post



So after I facepalmed during Saturday’s game, my legs were
quite beat up, so I couldn’t run around too much on Sunday.  I got to the game late (for me) and met up
with Matt outside the gates at around 11:15 (open at 11:30) where he informed
me that there was batting practice set up. 


So we got in, he ran around, and I walked.  Couldn’t bend my knees too much, so had to
take it easy.  They hit some home runs
during BP, a bunch within good distance for me to snag, but I had to let them
go.  It wasn’t fun trying to go up and
down stairs, so I had to lay off them. 
Matt found a few and caught a bunch.


Here’s Buck talking in the outfield with Jason Berken and
Jeremy Accardo:


Buck Showalter Jason Berken Jeremy Accardo 41011


My first ball, though, was from the Rangers bullpen catcher Josh Frasier who tossed me and another guy the two balls sitting in the
Rangers pen when he got up there.  The
other guy also caught a few of the HRs that were close to me.  We talked a bit, and he was really nice to
discuss some baseball with while I hobbled around.


The Rangers came out to throw, and I thought my only chance
to snag on the day would be toss ups.  So
I went over to the 3rd base line where the position players were
throwing.  Anybody else there stood by
the pitchers, not realizing the position guys would be finished fastest.


Andres Blanco was throwing with somebody, and when they were
finished messing around throwing side arm, I held my glove up and he chucked me
the ball without even asking.


Mason Tobin was throwing with Alexi Ogando, and Ogando
overthrew a ball that bounced in the stands. 
I scooped it up, offered it back, but they said to keep it.  I handed it to a fan next to me who had an Alexi Ogando card in hand.  I figured that was worthy of a baseball that he technically threw.  The odd part after that was that Tobin finished
with their ball, and he tossed it to me. 
Interesting.  Here’s Tobin about
20 seconds before the toss up:


Mason Tobin Rangers 41011


Brandon Webb, who had a weird photo shoot by the dugout just
before the game, was in the outfield running:


Brandon Webb Rangers 41011


BP got a bit crowded, so I chilled in the LF corner for any
bloop homeruns down the line.  I didn’t
get any more balls on the day, though 4 toss ups was my personal best in any game). 
Here was my view for most of Rangers BP:


Orioles Rangers Batting Practice 41011


The kid you see there is… well… very confused.


Indianapolis Colts Boston Red Sox 41011


He’s wearing a Colts jacket and Red Sox hat. What?!


Josh Hamilton was signing:


Josh Hamilton Signing 41011


So I wiggled through the huge group of people, the security guy on the field (seen above in orange) messed with me a bit (we talk with him every day, he points out Easter Eggs to me on occasion), and got Hamilton on
the ball I snagged from Blanco earlier.


Josh Hamilton Autograph Baseball 41011


Vladimir Guerrero received his 2010 Silver Slugger and
Comeback Player of the Year Awards pre-game (assumingly scheduled then against
the Rangers):


Vladimir Guerrero Silver Slugger Comeback Player of the Year Award 41011

Vladimir Guerrero Silver Slugger Comeback Player of the Year Award 41011 2


Ian Kinsler and Adrian Beltre were warming up by me, but I
got neither ball (obviously).


Ian Kinsler Adrian Beltre 41011.jpg


Matt headed who knows where, and I headed out to section 86,
where I planned to chill all game and not kill myself over home run balls like
the day before.


I settled at the break in the bullpens, saluted to Ronnie,
and the game got going.  Nick joined me in section 86, Matt came
soon after, and it was a sunny, relaxed afternoon.


Jake Fox was oddly in left field:


Jake Fox Right Field 41011


My view of the Rangers bullpen during the game:


Rangers Bullpen 41011.jpg


Orioles bullpen doing warmups and such:


Baltimore Orioles Bullpen 41011.jpg


Ronnie Deck looking awesome as usual (though he needs a retro
bird helmet):


Ronnie Deck Orioles 41011


More of the bullpen just chilling:


Baltimore Orioles Bullpen 41011 2


The Orioles lost. 
Guthrie, back from the hospital (pneumonia) threw six innings of one run
ball, but we scored no runs, the Rangers tacked on a two run shot off of Jim
Johnson, and that was that.


But, in the end, this is what we had overall:


American League East Standings 41011


I will be back at Oriole Park next Wednesday for the last
two games on the Twins series.  Missing
Monday and Tuesday for holiday.  But will
be at [hopefully] eight of the ten games during the home stand.



Season stats:


Baseballs: 16 (7 hit, 3 on fly, 5
toss up, 3 found)

Autographs: 2 (Scherzer, Guerrero,

Orioles home games attended: 6

Orioles total games attended: 6

Total MLB games attended: 6

Total baseball games attended (MLB+MiLB):

Rainouts: 1


3 baseballs pictures (gave one away):

Loot 41011





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Orioles vs. Rangers 4/8/11 (Rainout) & 4/9/11 (Doubleheader)

If you’re here to read about the whole Jose Valverde
spitting incident, check out that post



So I showed up to the park on Friday not expecting anything
exciting.  It had been pouring all day
and I already had word from a friend at the stadium that BP would for sure not
happen.  Either way, I headed down around
4:15 and stood in line.  Eventually, Tim,
Ben, Brittany, and some others showed up. 
Zack Hample left town, and he
made a good choice doing so.


When we got in, there were some Rangers throwing:


Texas Rangers Pitchers 48.jpg


I got a ball from some athletic trainer with them, then
handed it to a little Rangers fan standing by us (it was wet and dirty and
meant a LOT more to her).  Tim, Ben, and
Matt each got one (I think Matt actually got 2) as well.


The Orioles came out to throw


Baltimore Orioles Pitchers 4811


But I didn’t really bother asking for things.  What was cool was that Ronnie [Deck] finished
throwing with Arrieta, and when all the pitcher went in, he came over to talk
with me for a good ten minutes, saying he was waiting for Tillman.  We talked about everything from his uniform
to Spring Training to everything else random you can imagine. That was pretty


I then spent time with some people in Café 54, by the
bullpen, and on club level (including putting high socks on, my original pair
were *soaked*).


Oriole Park Tarp 4811


We heard at one
point that there were some Rangers sliding on the tarp, including Josh
Hamilton.  From club level, we ran out to
see it, but missed them.  You can see
videos of it here (this one is taken by the Rangers bullpen catcher in the dugout), here,
and here.


Oriole Park Tarp 2 4811


The game was postponed, it was announced that there would be
a straight doubleheader the next day, so I called up Todd Cook who would be
coming to town, and headed back to my place.


Oh, and I got Darren Oliver’s autograph:


Darren Oliver Autograph


Season stats:


Baseballs: 10 (6 hit, 2 on fly, 2
toss up, 2 found)

Autographs: 3 (Scherzer, Guerrero,

Orioles home games attended: 3

Orioles total games attended: 3

Total MLB games attended: 3

Total baseball games attended
(MLB+MiLB): 3

Rainouts: 1



So I got down to the Orioles doubleheader on Saturday around
2.  The gate times were confusing, Zevi
and I ended up having to run around the stadium when nobody else did… it was
just bad.


There were a ton of balls in the stands, and Matt found like
5.  I found one.  Then caught a Mike Napoli HR during BP on the
fly.  But that was it for me.  And I must have given both away, because I
have no idea where they are at this point. 
Sometimes I just hand them off when I get them if they are too dirty to
get signed and have nothing interesting that I would want to keep them for, so
I assume that is the case.


Here’s a shot I took during BP:


Oriole Park Batting Practice 4911


In this one, we have:


1. Todd and Tim Cook (Check out Todd’s game entry here and follow Todd’s Twitter)

2. Dave Stevenson


For sure click on the Cooks name there to check out their
blog.  I met Todd and Tim last season,
and have stayed in touch with Todd ever since for baseball stuff, and I
currently serve as his Oriole Park ticket broker.  More on those two later.


Here is a panorama he took after BP but before the first game.  I’m in it there tossing my glove.  I was trying to toss it into his picture, but you can’t tell that here since I had no idea he was doing a wide lens panorama.  Either way, pretty cool. (click to enlarge as usual)

Panorama Oriole Park 4911.jpeg

So Zach Britton was starting for the Orioles:


Zach Britton 4911


And he put on a show. 
Pitched 7.2 shutout innings as the O’s beat the Rangers in game one,


Nick Markakis Adam Jones Luke Scott Celebrate Jump 4911


During the game, I hung out with Kris, Zevi (I’m not linking him every time I mention his name,
sorry), Andrew, and some others I’m
sure (I just am forgetful).  It was fun.


Yes, I did facepalm during this game.  Here’s
the video
if you must.  There’s a bit
of a background story to my frustrations behind it, but I’m not going to openly
start attacking people on here.  But
yeah.  I shredded both of my knees, my
right one the most, and was bleeding all over my legs.  It wasn’t pretty.  But we fight on.  And it was weird because the pitch before the
home run, I said to somebody “let’s see if Reynolds can make Earl Weaver happy
with a 3 run home run” and BAM.


So then there was a short break between games, but we
settled back into section 86 for the second game.  This time, Todd and Tim Cook, who had been
busy and exploring during game one, spent most of game two with us.  Tim, I must say, is a very energetic a funny
little guy.  Tells some great jokes.  And Todd talked with me/us for most of the 2nd
game, about all things baseball really. 
There were multiple innings where I don’t remember what really happened
since we were having some fun talks. 
Baseball is finally back.


The Orioles got crushed in this game by the score of
1-13.  Yeah, the Rangers flat out mashed
(including another Nelson Cruz home run). 
Arrieta was off his game, but it could have been because of Jake Fox
catching.  Who knows.  Though Fox looked awesome with his retro bird
helmet plus the black uni:


Jake Fox Retro Oriole Bird Helmet



So yeah.  Was an
interesting day, spent a ton of it just relaxing around talking to people
watching a game, and didn’t go too crazy with things.  Then I went on Sunday (post coming soon), and
that’s that.


Season stats:


Baseballs: 12 (7 hit, 3 on fly, 1
toss up, 3 found)

Autographs: 2 (Scherzer, Guerrero,

Orioles home games attended: 5

Orioles total games attended: 5

Total MLB games attended: 5

Total baseball games attended
(MLB+MiLB): 5

Rainouts: 1



Oh, and I’m still holding Adam Jones to this.  But it was cool just
yesterday when I told him he should
visit the MLB Fan Cave, and he replied that
he already was going.  Then MLB put up
this video of it.  Ryan Wagner, one of
the cave dwellers, is an O’s fan.  He’s
pretty darn cool.  I enjoy following the shenanigans
of the MLB Dream Job here, and you should, too.


Oh yeah, and be sure to check out the flyer and info for the May 8th Orioles game fundraiser!


And in case you don’t know, both Nolan Reimold and Manny Machado are owning their respective minor league leagues (that sounds funny).


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Orioles vs. Tigers 4/6/11 and 4/7/11

So I usually do single game by game entries, but between
midterms this week and long days at the park (get there around 3:30, leave at
11:30), I have been squeezed for time. 
So, I did the Opening Day entry
earlier in the week, followed by last night the quick post on the Jose Valverde spitting incident.  Here are my game entries for the 2nd
and 3rd home games of the season to finish up the Tigers series.



So Wednesday was a relaxed night at the ballpark.  Attendance went from sold out on Monday to
12,451 that night, so after BP, we just chilled in the outfield seats.


I got there around 3:30, still don’t know why.




Adam Jones tweeted at
offering to come in early, but he never got back at me, so that didn’t
happen.  Ballhawks and fans gathered with
me at the gate, and the day had begun. 
For a pic of the group, check out Zack Hample’s blog entry of the game (and the 2nd game) here.


So running around to BP, the first ball I snagged on the day
was a Mark Reynolds shot.  He hit it to a
section to the right of where I was standing, and Tim and I both ran towards it
as it hit the seats and rolled awkwardly through a row.  He was 2 rows down, I was right above it, so
I was able to reach over and grab it.  On
the board.  My goal on the day was 4 (to
even out with the 2 from the opener, since I want to average 3 this year), so
this was a quick start.


After that, I made two of my best snags ever.  The first was a Casper Wells home run that I
got only about 15 feet to my left, and with no fans fighting for it.  The reason it was special was because I
spaced it horribly, and had to leap and throw my arm back just to barely grab
it on the tip of my glove.  Got high
fives for that one.


The 3rd ball of the day was a Brandon Inge home
run that was a section over to my right. 
I ran a bit over, but saw it was landing in a group of people about 6
rows down, so I didn’t really make a move. 
The ball ended up missing everybody and hitting off a chair, flying high
in the air into another group of people to the right and a row in front of me.  I reached above them with my bare right hand,
tipped it up into the air above them all, and then jumped and grabbed it.  This one got me the most congratulatory
remarks I’ve ever gotten, and trust me, I don’t make that many nice catches, so
I was proud of this one.


That was it on the day for baseballs.  But 3 is good for me.  I honestly feel good as long as I don’t get
shut out, which hasn’t happened since the 2009 season.


And I like this one shot I took of Tillman, Matusz, and
Britton during BP:




After BP, I ran over to where Max Scherzer was signing by
the dugout, and after he ignored me multiple times for wearing an O’s shirt, I
made a “we both hate the Yankees” comment, he smiled, and signed my ticket.


I ran over to the Orioles dugout hoping for a warm up
ball.  First, I stopped by where Vlad was
signing for a minute:




And got him to sign an extra ball I had brought with me (I
usually bring a clean ball or two for this kind of situation):




I didn’t get a 4th ball, but whatever.  I’m satisfied with 3 still.


Tim and Ben and I stayed out in left field for the entire
game.  Low attendance and lineups full of
right handed power (besides the O’s with Reynolds and Vlad, the Tigers have
Miguel Cabrera), we will be out there all season.  It was a chill night sitting out in the
middle of the LF seats.  Felt like
baseball season again.


Anyways, 4 HRs were hit to right or center field.  Awesome. 
Whatever.  And Zack Hample snagged
Alex Avila’s shot, so check out info on that on his blog post (linked at the


I left in the 8th to go sit with Brittany and
Donna at Donna’s seats (Brittany has season tix next to the bullpen) that were…
well… beautiful.  To show, here are a few
pics from that view:







So that was cool.


Though the Orioles lost their first
game of the season that night, it was still very relaxing to attend the
game.  Afterward, I went with Donna and
Britney out to the players’ lot.  I had
never gone there after games (mainly because I live in the city now, so I don’t
have to worry about rides or missing the subway or anything), but they
introduced me to it.  We waved to
players, talked, and got yelled at.  And
Jake Fox stopped his giant SUV to sign for everybody, though I didn’t get
that.  I got 2 pictures of him signing
from his car, but both are dark and blurry.


I then left, went home, and
crashed.  Class in the AM.






Season stats (after this game):


Baseballs: 5 (4 hit, 1 on fly, 1
toss up, 0 found)

Autographs: 2 (Scherzer, Guerrero)

Orioles home games attended: 2

Orioles total games attended: 2

Total MLB games attended: 2

Total baseball games attended
(MLB+MiLB): 2



Then Thursday hit.  I left class at 2, went back to my place to
do some things, and left around 3:15 for the game.  Got there by 3:45, and chilled outside the
gates again.  Zack Hample never showed
up, but that was because he was at the other gates (Ha!).  Ben and Tim came around 4.  Matt never showed up (turned out he was sick).


I said ha before because Zack went
to the other side since the run in is slightly shorter, but his gate opened a
full 30 seconds or so after ours, so we ran past him before he could even come
in.  It was funny.


Running in, I got one ball in foul
territory down the 1B line, and then Tom (security guard) pointed out another
in the seats down the 3B line, so I had 2 already before even reaching the LF


BP brought more photos of our young
pitchers.  This one of Matusz and Britton
talking with new pitching coach Mark Connor (I think that’s him):




BP was empty for the first 25
minutes or so for us, which was nice:


Zack Hample and Tim Oriole Park 4711


In that picture, the people are:


1. Tim (going up the stairs to look
for easter eggs

2. Zack (recording notes and such
after Orioles BP ended)


I got some pictures of Justin
Verlander throwing some:





Jeremy Guthrie was back from the
hospital (he had pneumonia), pictured here talking with Verlander:




I scooped up an Adam Jones home run
hit into an empty section, then caught a Brandon Inge home run on the fly in an
empty row later in BP.  Though it was
busier, nobody else made a play on that one.


And that was that.  I didn’t go for any autographs or extra
balls.  Just the 4 on the day.  Talked with my favorite ushers a bit and
wandered the concourse.  Oh, and got some
of the old Orioles to sign cards.  They
do that every Monday and Thursday home game. 
Got Tippy Martinez, Fred Valentine, and Bill Swaggerty.  Woot.


The game was cold.  Tim, Ben, and I again sat out in left field,
but this time next to the bullpen.  Ben
hit 12 balls on the day, including multiple at the pen, so we just chilled
there.  Though on most righty batters, we
got up and moved to ends of rows to prepare for HR balls.  Was quite funny actually how much we never
settled into actual spots, though we got no balls, the seats were so empty that
moving around was easy.  Finally, though,
a HR was hit to LF (Adam Jones’ shot), but it was a line drive smash down the
line, and way out of reach for where we were.


Tim and Ben danced like white kids,
Ronnie said hey, and we just had another chill night at the game.


Brad Penny pitched for the Tigers:




And Chris Tillman for the Orioles:




The end of the game brought an
Orioles come from behind W, but it also brought us Jose Valverde spitting on a fan in the 8th inning.  Click on that for more info.


Here’s my loot (space in the
baseballs is the Jones home run that I tossed to a kid after BP ended):




Season stats:


Baseballs: 9 (6 hit, 2 on fly, 1
toss up, 2 found)

Autographs: 2 (Scherzer, Guerrero)

Orioles home games attended: 3

Orioles total games attended: 3

Total MLB games attended: 3

Total baseball games attended
(MLB+MiLB): 3


And I am leaving in just a couple
of minutes for the park.  The O’s take on
the undefeated Rangers this weekend, and I plan to be at all 3 games, win or
lose.  The weather is crummy out, so
probably no BP, but these games can bring some good fortune and fun at times,
so I’m there.

Jose Valverde Spits on Fan

So aside from the regular game posts, I had to get up a bit
about this.  I posted it on Twitter, and
tons of people seemed intrigued, so I figured I’d shoot up this story quick.



Here is what I witnessed. 
All is fact, and anything that I cannot confirm will be noted as
something I’m guessing (or of the sort).


During the bottom of the 8th inning at Oriole
Park earlier tonight (April 7), Jose Valverde approached two fans and spit at
one of them, shooting his wad of gum at the pair.


It started in the middle of that frame when the two fans
walked up to the break in the bullpen walls at Camden Yards during the
Tigers/Orioles game and started shouting at the Tigers sitting on the bullpen
bench.  My friend Tim heard one of them
(in an orange shirt, and though I can’t confirm it was an Orioles shirt, I saw
it as Orioles orange opposed to Tigers orange) shouting something about Joel
Zumaya.  As we walked away to grab seats
at the end of the rows (hoping for a HR ball), we looked over from about 20
feet away, and Valverde approached the fans at the edge of the pen.  Of course, my camera was in my bag a section
away.  But, here is the vantage point of
the fans.  I took this as the game ended
afterward, as you can see the Tigers pitchers walking away.  But it shows where they were and where Jose
came to that front corner to stand close to them:



What we saw was Jose walking over to these shouting fans,
looking quite intimidating and a bit PO’d in my opinion.  As he got there, said a few words, then
signaled with two fingers for the fan (or both) to come closer.  Within 10 seconds, he followed that by
spitting at the fan (or both (again, I don’t know what they really said that
ticked him off or if it was just one of them or what)).  It was a legit spitting motion at them, in
which he spit a huge wad of gum at them. 
Here are two pictures I took of the gum on the ground of the bullpen
below (the space between the Tigers pen area and the seats, as in the ground of
the Orioles pen area).  The first is a
close up of the wad.  It was huge.  Second is zoomed out but quite blurry.






Valverde, after the spit, turned around and walked back to
his seat.  Fans around were shocked.  The two guys saw the cop in the bullpen
coming into the Tigers pen, so they ran out of the row, up the stairs, and out
of the section (not sure why, unless they said something horrible, since Jose
spit at them, and just to note, nobody saw the guys spit at Jose or make any
physical motions towards him, so it seemed to be words that provoked him).  The cop came all the way over to the same
spot Jose was standing during the incident, saw that they were gone, called
someone on his radio, and left.  So who
knows what happened there.


Witnesses:  I was with
my friends Tim and Ben for most of
the game, both of whom saw this.  Another
friend, Matt (and his friend) were
nearby and talking with us when we saw Valverde approach them, and they both
saw it.  The fans in the section who were
actually closest to the event all saw it, but had no new info as to what
happened when I asked besides what we saw.



So yeah.  Who knows
what will come of this.  If anything (Does
MLB suspend for such a thing? I mean, if it was at a player, there would be
suspension, so I don’t know why at a fan is any better or excusable. But again,
I do not know what was said, so I am just coming from the position of seeing
them what looked like heckling him and he did this. That’s it.).  Just wanted to share.


Valverde had a stomach bug earlier in the week.  Maybe about that?


And I got a few pics of him talking with Orioles pitcher
Mike Gonzalez during BP:




And I hope to get game posts for Wednesday and Thursday’s
games up tomorrow, as I will be at all 3 games this weekend against the
undefeated Rangers.



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Orioles Home Opener vs. Tigers

Thumbnail image for DSCF1316.JPG


The Orioles home opener was all you could ask for it to
be.  Huge crowd, celebration, and most
importantly, a W.


I got to the park around 11:30 (gates opened at noon) after
taking a midterm exam in the morning and rushing down.




A bunch of friends were already there, waiting first in line
(as expected).  Romeo had been there
since who knows when, and with him at this point was (I hope I don’t forget
anybody) Zevi, Brittany, Nick, Amanda, Tim, Ben, Stan, and Stan’s wife.  I think that’s it.  (Romeo, Zevi, and Brittany got interviewed by
WBAL before I got there, check that out here. 
58 second mark.  Three quotes,
then you see the initial group of them). 
So, I joined them, and the crowd started forming by quarter of noon or




Batting practice was not set to start until 12:25 or so, but
we still ran in at 12 to go see the Orioles stretching down on the field.  My first view entering the seating area
(though a bit blurry, taken as I was running):




During this time, I took about 50 photos of the Orioles
stretching and talking.  Here are some


Brittany took a picture of me and Zevi talking to Ronnie
when he first came out.  He asked me
about my college experiences and some random stuff, then we yelled at him for
not having high socks on, in which he told us that in ST, Mark Hendrickson also
yelled at him for it (and said: “Who ARE you, man?!”).  Then Ronnie went off to throw.




Zach Britton sighting (1-blurry first shot of him, 2-talking
with Mike Gonzalez, 3-talking with bullpen coach Rick Adair, 4-talking with
athletic trainer Richie Bancells):




More guys (1-Matt Wieters throwing, 2-Pie, Guerrero,
Izturis, 3-pitchers stretching circle, 4-Adair talking with Matusz and Tillman
with Ronnie on the side (minus high socks)):




And more (1-guys throwing, 2-media by/in the dugout, 3-Mark
Reynolds and DLee throwing, 4-Pie and Jonesy):




Then guys started hitting, so I made my way around the seating
bowl to the left field seats:




As I settled into my usual spot in the aisle for snagging,
Luke Scott tossed a ball towards 3 kids begging (more like shrieking profusely)
for one (arrow pointing at ball in midair):




Guys started off with their bunts and oppo hitting, so I
snapped this quick shot of Buck talking with Tillman and Matusz:




Then guys hit for real. 
And I have no more photos from Orioles BP.  They were hitting scarcely to the LF seats,
and all of them were landing in clusters of people in 86 and 80.  Asking the other guys around I knew, we think
only about 5-10 came in the mid-sections of 82 and 84 during all of this
session.  And the 5 or so of us were
spread out, but nobody ended with more than 3 on the day.  I got one ball during O’s BP, my first of the
season and it was Vlad’s first home run into the LF seats (he hit 2 into the
bullpen before it).  It was a real blast,
hitting off of the signs on club level and bouncing back down (easily 420+
ft).  With guys all running up the
stairs, I watched from mid level, and got it off the rebound.


Then the Orioles went in, and Tigers pitchers came out to
warm up.  I headed over there, and lost
out on one ball to Tim who had a Tigers shirt on, so I moved aside and let him
go for it, knowing that the shirt would get him it anyways.




Later, as Brad Thomas was heading in, he responded to my
request for a ball, chucking it in my general direction.  (Picture of him throwing before this moment,
#36) Turn your head sideways for this one:




As I gloved the ball, I felt my back being hit at, and a kid
(probably about 12) had hopped on my back, throwing us both into the wall in
front of us.  No physical damage done,
and I was more just really confused than annoyed.  But when I got back out to left field, I
noticed one thing:




The hit into the wall broke my camera screen.  Wonderful. 
Whatever.  The right side of the
screen sort of still works, so I’ll live (at least until I find the money to
buy a new camera).  So for the rest of
the day, I had to take pictures mostly guessing that I was getting the picture
taken.  They came out pretty well for
having to use this tactic.


I got annoyed when I walked away and saw the kid going back
to his dad.  Why did this annoy me?  Check out what he was wearing:




Seriously?!  God damn.




I left halfway through Tigers BP to wander the concourse and
Eutaw St. to see the festivities and new stuff around, knowing that with the
rush and all, I wanted to be back at the seats by 2:30 for the ceremonies.


New at the ballpark (1-Natty-Boh stand, 2-Natty-Boh Bar,
3-Polock Johnny’s, 4-Grille 54):




Oh, and a funny looking band:




So I got back to the seats (in section 86 next to the
bullpen, yes, we actually bought seats there for once) just as Jim Hunter
started the pre-game ceremonies.  I took
over 100 pictures of the happenings, so here are just a few to show what it
looked like:




So yeah.  Taking the
pictures with a broken camera the rest of the day was difficult.  But all is well on the western front.


Otherwise, we stayed in our seats on the bullpen wall for
the rest of the day.  With so many
people, it would have been hell to get up to go around, so we stayed put.  Don’t worry, all season we will be doing all
kinds of random interesting stuff, but today was about chilling at Opening Day.


Here are some shots from the seats I got of both bullpens
and the field (1-Arrieta warming up, 2-Porcello warming up, 3-players on field
for the anthem, 4-Jose Valverde getting annoyed by the hecklers in front of




And more (1-Romeo and some of the crowd, 2-guy on the field,
3-Ronnie and bullpen guys during God Bless America, 4-the outfielders jumping
together when the game ended):




My ticket from the day with my 2 baseballs (left is toss
from Thomas, right is the hit from Vlad):




Oh, and by the way, the Orioles kinda messed up during
pre-game ceremonies on the jumbotron. 
See for yourself:






The Orioles won the game 5-1.  Jake Arrieta got the W.  Brian Roberts hit another home run.  Yada yada. 
I’m not here to discuss the on field stuff.



A few other videos to check out:


During the game, a guy hopped over the CF wall and onto the
field.  He rand around then dropped down
to the ground, got cuffed, and finally taken out.  See it here
on Youtube.


And this video
which randomly includes Zevi, Tim, and Ben entering the park at noon.


And I am back at the ballpark for this entire home
stand.  Should be interesting.


Season stats:


Baseballs: 2 (1 hit, 0 on fly, 1 toss up, 0 found)

Autographs: 0

Orioles home games attended: 1

Orioles total games attended: 1

Total MLB games attended: 1

Total baseball games attended (MLB+MiLB): 1





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Promotions & Giveaways Review: The AL West

The AL East and Central Reviews (linked) have been posted.  Trying to squeeze in each division before the
season starts if I can.  If not, no
yelling or tantrum throwing.


To give this some basis:


Key to types of promotions/giveaways:

            Primary – The kind of stuff that draws
and extra 5,000 fans or more to the ballpark just to get something

            Secondary – The kind of stuff that will
bring in people who are on the ropes about attending, but most likely will not
have fans jumping out of their seats to get

            Repeats – Whether good or bad, these
are just promotions/giveaways that occur 3+ times on a team’s schedule


I didn’t include things like schedule magnets, koozies, and
stuff like that that are way too widely used amongst most teams, so would
cancel out overall.  There are also many
other scattered promotions on calendars, but I mainly included here the ones
that I thought were worth mentioning and worth traveling to the ballpark for if
you’re the kind of person that needs that extra boost of motivation to go see


Each team name is bolded for emphasis as well as because
they are each linked to their respective promotional schedule pages.


So, here it is.  The AL West.



Los Angeles Angels



Kendrys Morales Bobblehead (5/24)

Dan Haren Bobblehead (6/28)

Angels Gnome Bobblehead (8/18)


50th Anniversary Shirt (4/8)

Angels Ski Beanie (4/9)

50th Anniversary Fleece Blanket

Angels Wrestling Mask (5/10)

Angels Sock Rally Monkey (7/5)

Angels Kids Gumball Machine (9/24


Big Bang Fridays and Flashback Fridays

Family Sundays


Notes: The
Angels, as you can see, have a lineup of a few good bobbleheads to go with a
series of solid middle-tier giveaways. 
If you click to see their schedule, there are a bunch more hats and a
few other things that they have listed, but I didn’t feel it necessary to list
it all here.  The repeats are alright,
but the often giveaways make up for it.


Grade: A-



Oakland Athletics



Rickey Henderson Bobblehead (4/30)

MC Hammer Bobblehead (7/17)

Ray Fosse Bobblehead (8/13)


Hideki Matsui T-shirt (4/3)

Fleece Blanket (4/15)

A’s Home Cap (4/16)

Atleticos T-shirt/Cinco de Mayo (5/5)

A’s Gold Kurt Suzuki Replica Jersey (7/31)


Free Hot Dog Thursdays


Notes: The A’s
have an interesting lineup here.  April
and June are full of some really great stuff, but then after Cinco de Mayo, the
giveaways fall off the map.  There are a
few things for kids in May/June/July, but other than the 2nd and 3
bobbles plus the Suzuki jersey, all that’s really left after those two months
are the free hot dog days.  Interesting
planning.  But the unique bobbles really
set them apart.  Oh, and they have
Mathletics Day.


Grade: A-



Seattle Mariners



Felix Hernandez 2010 A.L. Cy Young Bobblehead

Ichiro Hit Counter Bobblehead (5/6)

Cameron & McLemore “Sweet 116” Bobblehead


Mariners Rally Towels (4/8)

Ichiro T-shirt (4/10)

Franklin Gutierrez Fly Swatter (5/19)

Mariners Train (6/3)

Ichiro Replica Green Jersey (6/17)




Notes: With some
solid bobbleheads and a good selection of some shirts, hats, and other items,
the Mariners represent a solid lineup of promotions that should be set as an
example for all teams.


Grade: A-



Texas Rangers



Josh Hamilton MVP Figurine (5/23)

Nelson Cruz Walk-Off Bobblehead (6/20)


Rangers Yearbook (6/6)

Elvis Andrus Figurine (8/8)

Rangers Football (8/28)


Player T-shirts (Josh Hamilton 4/3, Adrian
Beltre 4/25, Michael Young 7/25, Fan Vote Shirt 9/25)

Player Jerseys (Neftali Feliz 5/15, Ian Kinsler
7/3, Josh Hamilton 7/24)

Thirsty Tuesdays

Dr. Pepper Autograph Wednesdays


Notes: Sounds
like yet again another solid lineup.


Grade: B+



Well, if you can’t tell by the grades and summaries, the AL
West, though discounted by only having four teams, has a solid group of promotional
schedules.  This division is by far not
only the closest out of all of the AL divisions, but the highest ranked in
overall value of promos.  This is like
the AL East of promotional schedules.


But there can only be one winner…


The Oakland Athletics


The A’s, one of the three ‘A-‘s of the division, take it
all.  Why?  Their unique bobbleheads.  The variation of secondary promotions is
quite good, as are the other three teams in the division, and with no team
having any exciting repeat promos, the Rickey Henderson, MC Hammer, and Ray
Fosse bobbleheads give the A’s the edge. 
Catch them face the Mariners on Friday in what I believe to be one of
the more underrated pitching matchups to begin the season: Trevor Cahill vs.
Felix Hernandez.





So that’s that.  Here
are the links for the other two division promotional schedule reviews:

The AL East

The AL Central



Will start with the National League tomorrow.








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Promotions & Giveaways Review: The AL East

Over the next week (yes, into the first day or two of the
regular season), I will be delving into the world of promotions and
giveaways.  I want to not only review
what each team is doing for their fans in this 2011 season, but to also put a
fun twist on it and figure out what team wins each division and then overall
the World Series if it were all based off of these free stuff lineups.


I will do one division each day (well, today is AL East,
then another one up tonight, then another one up each night thru Thursday, and
then Friday will be the final judging and playoffs to see who wins the World
Series (of awesome stuff)).


Key to types of promotions/giveaways:

            Primary – The kind of stuff that draws
and extra 5,000 fans or more to the ballpark just to get something

            Secondary – The kind of stuff that will
bring in people who are on the ropes about attending, but most likely will not
have fans jumping out of their seats to get

            Repeats – Whether good or bad, these
are just promotions/giveaways that occur 3+ times on a team’s schedule


I didn’t include things like schedule magnets, koozies, and
stuff like that that are way too widely used amongst most teams, so would
cancel out overall.  There are also many
other scattered promotions on calendars, but I mainly included here the ones
that I thought were worth mentioning and worth traveling to the ballpark for if
you’re the kind of person that needs that extra boost of motivation to go see


First up, the AL East.


Each team name is bolded for emphasis as well as because
they are each linked to their respective promotional schedule pages.


Baltimore Orioles



Buck Showalter Bobblehead (6/25)

Brian Matusz Bobblehead (8/6)


Orioles Cap (6/12)

Orioles Drawstring Backpack (6/26)


T-shirt Thursday (5/12, 6/30, 7/14, 8/11)

2110 Eutaw Street (5/7, 6/11, 7/16, 8/13, 9/17)


Notes: The
Orioles really cut back this year, taking away two t-shirt days and really
cutting down on secondary promos, not to mention fewer bobbleheads after last
year having a trio that connected as well as a full size one, too.  But what could possibly beat a Buck Showalter Bobblehead?

Grade: B-



Boston Red Sox


As of now, the Red Sox have not released a promotional
schedule.  Who knows if they even do any
of that stuff when Fenway sells out anyways.


Grade: F


New York Yankees




2011 Commemorative Cap (4/4)

Grass Seed Planter (5/24)

Jorge Posada Figurine (6/10)

Mark Teixeira Bat (6/12)


Cap Day/Night (6/11, 6/13, 8/10, 8/12, and I’ll
throw in here that Visor Day is on 7/7)


Notes: I found it interesting that nothing on the Yankees
promo schedule really had my eyes popping, you know, with all their money and
such.  But I guess since they draw great
crowds anyways, why splurge on a few over the top items when you can throw tons
of mediocre junk at fans and get the same turnout.  I really stopped after June with caring about
listing each secondary item (10 or so more). 
There are a whole bunch, really. Too many to list.  Which is cool I guess of the organization to
do.  They try to squeeze so many in that
as I’m writing this, there are a few days that still say just “Promotion Item”
which is just funny (8/9, 9/5).


I also found it funny that on each promo, it was ___ ___
Night/Day.  Like Jorge Posada Figurine
Night or Mark Teixeira Bat Day.  On
every. Single. One.  I just didn’t feel
like redundantly including that all above. 
Oh, and everybody should surely attend Calculator Day on 9/4.


Grade: B


Tampa Bay Rays



Evan Longoria Gold Glove Replica Trophy (4/2)

Manny Ramirez Bobblehead (5/29)

BJ Upton Bobblehead (6/19)


AL East Champs Mini Banner (4/3)

Joe Maddon Bank (5/1)

Raymond Pillowcase (5/15)

David Price Superhero Action Figure (8/21)

Evan Longoria Cereal Bowl and Spoon Set (9/4)


Free Shirt Friday (4/15, 4/29, 5/13, 5/27, 6/17,
7/1, 7/15, 8/5, 8/19, 9/2, 9/9, 9/23)

Postgame Concert (4/30 – REO Speedwagon, 5/14 –
Darius Rucker, 8/6 – Goo Goo Dolls, 9/24 – Miranda Lambert)


Notes: The Rays
are REALLY trying to attract kids this season. 
Other than the Replica Trophy at the beginning, every other giveaway is
only for kids 14 & under.  If not for
the t-shirt days (which, I will admit, they have a TON of) and the concerts,
the Rays would have been really cutting off the older groups of people past
childhood.  Another minor kids (14 &
under) promo they have is a fire helmet on 9/11, which I thought was a nice way
to honor that day.


Grade: A-


Toronto Blue Jays



Jose Bautista Bobblehead (4/3)

Roberto Alomar HOF Bobblehead (7/31)


Canada Day T-Shirt (7/1)

T-Shirt ?? (9/18)


Jr. Jays Saturdays (Every. Single. Saturday.)

Tweeting Tuesdays (Every. Single. Tuesday.)

Fan Fridays (Every. Single. Friday.)


Notes:  Only the Blue
Jays would celebrate Canada Day.  So
that’s unique to the Rogers Centre. 
Otherwise, not a ton of stuff, but they have two really good bobbleheads
to go with those repeat days that will make sure that fans stay involved all
season in ways much cheaper than distributing memorabilia.  And props to the team for being the only one
to list Mother’s Day as an event on their promotional calendar.

Grade: C+



Okay.  So the AL East
overall has a bunch of different situations. 
The Orioles are eh.  The Blue
Jays, who say eh, have scarce items, but with their consistent repeats,
probably end up giving stuff away and keep fan morale up.  The Yankees do the same as the Jays with
having something on most every day, even if not top notch, but instead of
repeats, they just came up with as many crappy designs for items as they
could.  The Rays list would be a LOT
better if a lot of the stuff were for all fans, not just kids.  And the Red Sox… well… they just suck.


The winner of the AL East per their promotional schedule


The Tampa Bay Rays.


Though yes, most of their cool stuff is for kids, they have
free shirts on a whole bunch of Fridays for all fans (first 10,000… aka all
fans).  In the end, the kicker was their
postgame concerts.  A baseball game AND a
concert under one ticket?  I’m in.


Adrian Gonzalez and Carl Crawford are just no match to
Darius Rucker and Miranda Lambert.

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Oriole Park, Team Shop, Season Tickets. Oh my.

The title says it all. 
Oriole Park.  Team Shop.  Season Tickets.  Oh my.


This is a three-part entry. 
First section will be about Oriole Park, 2nd will be about
the team shop at OPACY, 3rd will show some pictures of the new
season tickets.


Last time I reported at Oriole Park, it was at Fanfest and
the place was covered in snow.



Between then and now, I have been back at least 8 times or
so, whether passing through, picking up tickets, or going to specifically visit
it.  I knew the weeks leading up to Opening
Day that there would be changes to see, so I wanted to see them firsthand.  So for now, I am just going to go through
what I have seen at Oriole Park over the last few weeks.  The photos are scattered from four different
visits, so if continuity-wise something does not match up, that would be why.


Part 1: Oriole Park
at Camden Yards


One time at the park, I saw an odd site.  A jeep was randomly driving onto Eutaw
Street.  Not like a work vehicle.  Just a random civilian going the wrong way.




Boog’s BBQ stand is being set up.  Or at least the frame.  So are a few of the other stands, but this is
the most notable one.




Workmen were still tearing up different parts of the yard,
presumably to replace parts and make things better.




The orange seats were FINALLY put back in (if you look at
the photo from Fanfest above, you will see that the orange seat is not




There was some photo shoot happening in the Orioles
dugout.  My zoom made this blurry, but I
couldn’t even figure out what was going on really.




Now when I went to Oriole Park just today, Eutaw Street was
closed (looked like construction):




So I made it a point to walk laps around the park to look
for other changes.


If anybody remembers that the food service provider is
different at Oriole Park this year.  It’s
now Delaware something Foods.  The name
is irrelevant.  Point is, I remember
earlier in the off season that they were looking into new foods and such.


So, here are the new look concession stands.







So those look nice.


In my opinion, I think they really brighten the place up a
bit by giving the signs some color and brightness.  Now, those were the ones I saw.  There was also a Boardwalk Fries, which is
old news, and then a few spots where there are no signs up yet as to what the
places will be, so I should have an update on those next week once they are put
up.  I will also try to get a glimpse at the menus/pricing as soon as it goes up.


Some other sights from my day there today.


I could have taken a fryer with me:




Or even walked into the park, but I didn’t want to start
pissing off the workers:




Though at every fence part of the park, there were NO
TRESPASSING signs.  Damn.



They were testing random clips on the Jumbotron.  You can see here one of the logos of the Red
Sox vs. the O’s, a new middle of the inning promo where you text in to say
which Oriole history video clip you want them to play, and lastly… clouds.




Oh, yes.  And Adam
Jones is now the official Orioles icon. 
He has taken over BOTH sides of the back of the scoreboard.




And a few other random sights:






And to transition us to part two of the entry, I will show
you this:




There is a new feature of the shop.  Seems like a little kiosk on Eutaw Street
right outside of the team shop that will be selling the official team
hats.  I guess.  I don’t know. 
It looks quite odd and space consuming. 
And the picture of the two people on the side is quite awkwardly close.



Part 2:  Orioles Team Shop


Now I could show you a few random shots I took of the Oriole
team shop when it was empty and there were signs up saying that it would
re-open in March, but I much prefer showing a few shots I took today in the
store, it’s first day being open. 




The workers were new. 
None of them had heard of Guerrero or Reynolds when I asked.  They had to ask a manager when I asked if
they had either jersey.  The answer was
no, and neither did the Sports Legends Museum shop.  You would think they would want to have all
of the new highly hyped guys supplied in the newly renovated shop.  Guess not.


The only other major change I saw was that the back sales
counter was completely removed, and a second was added in the front.  The bottom left picture shows where the old counter
was in the back of the store, and in the bottom right (cick to make larger),
you can see a more expanded check out area in the front.  Otherwise, the kids stuff is still in that
awkward separate room on the side.  As
for the stuff there.  They definitely
expanded the line of shirts/hats and other apparel, and cut down on the random
trinket and memorabilia around.  I guess,
as of now, they feel like the clothing stuffs sell more.


When I stopped into Sports Legends to see if they had a Vlad
shirt (not that I’m looking to buy, was just curious), I saw these two
hilarious shirts:




In case it’s too dark to see, the left one says “Buck the
past!” and the right one is an Alex Ovechkin jersey shirt that says


Part 3: Season


Season tickets came in last week.  Last year I was a 13 game holder, but after
two straight years of 40+ games, I figured it was worth it to upgrade to the 29
game plan.  Not only are there a few
added benefits like auto day and such, but the tickets come in an epic package.


So the big envelope came, and inside was an EPIC box, which contained everything:




I know I am going to cherish the box.  My account rep said that the boxes have been
a huge hit, which is a good sign.  They
are really awesome.


So in there were some ads:




The Orange Carpet Member card, which gives season ticket
holder a LOT of power for ticket sales and more:




Then the pages of tickets. 
On top was a welcome page with the huge Opening Day ticket, then 7 subsequent
pages of tickets.





And I have a 13 game plan in the mail coming to me, so it should be interesting seeing the differences in the two packages.

So that’s that. 
Opening Day at Oriole Park is two weeks from today.  And I can’t wait.


And as for my random photos of the post.


We have Charlie Sheen’s bracket, which is mainly awesome
because he picked Akron to win it all (though they lost in the first round):



And here we have facepalm madness from the Louisville game when they lost to Morehead State (thank you to


Lacrosse Classic and Ronnie Deck Sightings

This past weekend brought me to watch every type of sporting
event BESIDES baseball.  Yes, I either
attended or watched on TV: Lacrosse, football, hockey, and soccer.


Up first was lacrosse. 
The Konica Minolta Face-Off Classic was held on Saturday for the 5th
straight year in Baltimore.  It is a
collection of three games, always with two high seeded matchups and a local
game.  Instead of naming the teams, I’ll
show the matchups based on the posters they gave out for each team (yes, I took
one of each):


Thumbnail image for Game2.jpgGame3.jpg


So I took the bus down to Federal Hill and met up with Zevi
at M&T Bank Stadium, where we got our tickets and ran inside just in time
for the national anthem (click to see larger):



After that, Syracuse and Georgetown took the field:



And the first game began:



Then we met up with my friend Joel (who goes to Cuse, but happened to be home for his spring break):

During one of the breaks of the game (3 periods, so there
are two breaks of I think 15 minutes), we found a stand set up by the
Chesapeake Bayhawks of MLL (Major League Lacrosse) and got our picture with the
MLL trophy they brought (I’m on the left, Zevi on the right):



In the 3rd period, with Syracuse leading 8-7,
Georgetown scored on a breakaway goal with 5 seconds left, sending the game
into overtime:


Syracuse scored first in the sudden death extra time, which was cause for



And it was onto the next game: Cornell and Virginia.


Virginia won 11-9.  I
cheered for Cornell purely because I did not want to cheer for an ACC team not
named Maryland:



At one point during the game, Cornell shot the ball so hard
(shot? Is that the word they use in lacrosse?) that it ripped through the
net.  I figured now would be a good time
to show the epic green nets:



They had a reason for using them.  I just forget it.


The best part of this entire day, hands down, was the free
snack’n waffles, sponsored by Smuckers:



So that was our lunch. 
Lots and lots of waffles.



So then the local game was next.  Johns Hopkins and UMBC came out to warm up:



And 5 seconds into the game, Hopkins had won the face-off,
charged down the field, and scored:



I figured that this game was already in the books (it was;
Hopkins won 16-5), so I headed home to watch basketball.  Akron was playing Kent State in the MAC Championship.


My Zips won.


They play Notre Dame on Friday in the 1st round of the NCAA tournament.

I figure since this is an MLBlog, I should include something
baseball related in the entry.  Here’s a
screenshot I took of some Pirates prospect taking a lead during the Orioles
game.  I swear; he’s an oompa loompa:


Screen shot 2011-03-10 at 9.22.18 PM.png

Oh, and here’s a Ronnie Deck sighting:



And you can see Ronnie as well in this video.  From 0:11-0:15, you can see him standing
behind Mark Reynolds.


Final note:


Current All-Jewish MLB Team

Here it is.  After
compiling lots of information, I have come up with the MLB All-Jewish
team.  As opposed to many lists that I
have seen in the past that include classic names like Sandy Koufax, Hank
Greenberg, and Shawn Green, this roster lists only current/active baseball players with at least some major league
experience in their careers (Even one game experience counts.  If a guy has spent his career in the minors
but has at least appeared in one ML outing, he counts).


The 3 points under each name are (in respective order):
their current team/organization, career stats overall (hitters: AVG, OBP, SLG;
starting pitchers: W-L%, ERA, WHIP; relief pitchers: ERA, WHIP), and


Starting lineup (by



C – Brad Ausmus

            Los Angeles


All-Star, 3x Gold Glove

1B – Kevin Youkilis

            Boston Red


All-Star, 1x Gold Glove

2B – Ian Kinsler


           kinsler.jpg .281/.356/.466

            2x All-Star

SS – Ryan Braun



            NL Rookie
of the Year, 3x All-Star,

                          3x Silver Slugger

3B – Danny Valencia




LF – Sam Fuld

            Tampa Bay


CF – Ryan Kalish

            Boston Red


RF – Gabe Kapler

            Los Angeles





Ike Davis 1B

            New York


ikedavis.jpgAdam Greenberg OF

            Free Agent

            1 Major
League plate appearance,

                             was hit-by-pitch

Brian Horwitz OF

            Free Agent


Josh Whitesell 1B



Adam Stern OF

            Free Agent


            Was the
PTBNL in the trade that sent Javy Lopez from the Orioles to the 

                          Red Sox



Starting rotation:


SP – Scott Feldman


            .492, 4.80,

SP – Jason Marquis


            .511, 4.56,

All-Star, 1x Silver Slugger

SP – Jason Hirsh RHP

            Free Agent

            .421, 5.32,




RP – Scott
Schoeneweis LHP

            Boston Red

            5.01, 1.474

RP – John Grabow LHP


            4.24, 1.464

RP – Aaron Poreda LHP

            San Diego

            2.70, 1.725

RP – Craig Breslow
LHP (Closer)


1.175, 5 saves last season


And for added Jewishness:

President – Mark Shapiro
(Cleveland Indians)

General Manager – Rubén Amaro, Jr. (Philadephia Phillies)




-Yes, I know Brad Ausmus retired last year.  But since he could technically still come
back, and the 2011 regular season hasn’t begun yet, I am including him.  Main reason being that no other current
Jewish player has ever caught a game in either a MLB or MiLB game.


-3 man rotation. 
Why?  There are only 3 active
Jewish pitchers with starting experience (in the last 8 years).  What’s even more odd about the pitching staff
is that the 3 starters are righties, while all 4 relievers are lefties.


-Ryan Braun at SS? 
Yes sir/maam!  As with Ausmus, no
current Jewish player has ever played SS in a game at the MLB/MiLB level.  But, since this composition is not official
in any way, shape, or form, there had to be some out of the box thinking
here.  And no, it did not include putting
Amar’e Stoudemire at short.  As a follower pointed
out to me on Twitter, Ryan Braun played SS in high school and college.  So, I did some research, and found out a
lot.  Braun, who played shortstop for all
of high school and part of college at University of Miami (FL), was once rated
the 6th best SS prospect in baseball.  Here is more info about his high school and
college career.



-And as an Oriole note, I have to bring up Steve Stone.  Stone, a pitcher for the Baltimore
Orioles from 1979-1981, was Jewish.  From pitching for the Orioles in
their 1979 World Series season to winning the Cy Young Award in 1980, Stone is
considered to be one of the top three Jewish pitchers all-time.  Stone
currently gives color commentary for the Chicago White Sox, but will always be
remembered for his accomplishments as a Jewish baseball player and his career
that met its end in Baltimore.

And that’s it.  Though you will never find more than 2 or 3 Jewish players on a single team at most times in baseball, it’s nice to know that as a collaboration, there are some strong bright spots on an overall roster.



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*All stats from

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