Win a Pair of Washington Capitals Tickets!

I know the Capitals don’t play baseball and this is a baseball blog.  So what.

I have a pair of Capitals tickets for the game being played on Sunday, March 11 against the Toronto Maple Leafs at the Verizon Center that I cannot do prior to my commitment to baseball (member of D3 baseball, more on that some other time).  The tickets retail for $140 for the pair, but they’re yours at no cost in this fun little contest.

No need to answer some crazy trivia question or dedicate hours to drawing a portrait of your favorite baseball player.  All you need to do is leave a comment below telling me absolutely anything, and you’re automatically entered.

My orange hockey puck will pick the winner next week.

Questions? Tweet at me. @2131andBeyond. Boom.


I guess I’ll fill out a random comment. Please enter me for the Caps tickets!

I❤ Avi Miller

I want them. Hope that is enough for my cause.

I think I should win, because I’m awesome! Duh!

I love lamp.

Those tickets would be great! And to win them from an O’s fan like myself, even better! Good luck with your baseball adventure and school!

Maybe i’ll get to go to a game where 8 isn’t suspended🙂

Any number times zero always equals zero.


This is amazing!!! I’m having all four wisdom teeth removed on Friday the 9th, but would cry through the agony and pain of my recovery to be able to go to a Caps game just two days after!!!!!!

I enjoy reading this blog and I love the Caps but I haven’t been able to go to a game in a while.

I would love to win those for my brother-in-law and nephew.

thank you for the opportunity!

My grandma wears zebra striped underwear.

I’m not putting in for the tickets for myself, if my name is chosen, I want them to go to Nick Neagle or Cheryl Nichols.🙂

Lets try this again, Dont delete me, Avi!

Haha that was my bad! You’re here now!

Pick me, please!!

I really want to go to a game! I LOVE the CAPS!

Pick me, please! ! ! !

Dont see my first comment so this is part deux.

Absolutely anything.🙂

Go Leafs Go! Just kidding!


I have not been in a while and I would love to go and Rock the Red.

Would love to get these!

Figured since I won that twitter contest, may as well put in my entry here. Haven’t been to a caps game since pre-lockout.

Or thought I won. Seems someone else beat me to it.

I would love to win those tickets!!

I’m country like gun racks, ghetto like missing hub caps

Ohhhhh i been lookin all over tryin to find a way to win tickets to a game its what i been dreamin of i used to go to hockey games with my father as a child and would love to go see them play!!!! Please pick me

They should play baseball on ice sometime…

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