Passover feels like an 8 day losing streak

Happy Passover to those who celebrate (Passover is 8 days long, for those who don’t know, and the Orioles are on an 8 game losing streak, hence my cheesy joke in the title. Heh.).  I wonder if any of the Jewish major leaguers celebrate at all.

baseball matzah

How did the Jewish ballers do on
the first night of Passover?


Youkilis – 2-5, double, 2 RBIs, 2 runs scored

Kinsler – 2-3, double, triple, run scored, 2 walks

Braun – 3-4, 2 RBIs, run scored, walk

Valencia (vs. the O’s) – 2-4, RBI, 2 runs scored

Sam Fuld
– 4-4, double, run scored

Ike Davis
had the night off (Mets off day)


So current active Jewish major
leaguers went 13-20 (.650) with 4 XBH, 5 RBIs, and 7 runs scored.  That’s pretty damn impressive. 


How about the pitchers?  Jason Marquis pitched Sunday (7 IP, 2 ER),
but otherwise, no Jewish pitchers (SPs or RPs) took the mound on Monday.


In other news, the Orioles are
on an 8 game losing streak, and it’s not looking good.  But gotta fight on.  The O’s have a ten game home stand now, and I
am with my family for the first two nights of the holiday, and will be back at
the yard on Wednesday for the last 8 games (2 Twins, 3 Yankees, 3 Red
Sox).  If I can average 2 balls in those 8 games, I’ll be satisfied.

I was supposed to head out to a doubleheader on Sunday, but
some stuff got in the way and I stayed back and watched the Orioles lose on
TV.  The doubleheader options were:


Hagerstown Suns (18 innings of Bryce Harper?!)

Frederick Keys

Bowie Baysox

Washington Nationals


There were tons of doubleheaders to choose from.


Well, that’s it for now. 
I got a new desktop background:



Adam Jones background desktop Orioles


I will try to find the website I grabbed that off of, but
props to the guy who created it.


See you all soon. I may post tonight on my Orioles thoughts
and reactions for the season so far. Depends how I’m feeling after a night of drinking
[wine] [ritually, of course].

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